Ben, Beuys and me

ongoing series since 2009

The series of el-wire writings, started in 2009 in Berlin and shown internationally in exhibitions and galleries since, is a homage to artists like Ben Vautier Joseph Beuys and Raymond Pettibon. It can be seen as an ironical statement, but also a truth. I don‘t want to be an artist, I want to be happy. The work started with a combination of quotes by Joseph Beuys, revised by Ben Vautier and sampled together to new combinations. The following pictures show various neon writings from the series of works, that deal with similar sentences: If life is art, why hang this up? – Alles ist Kunst. – Nichts ist Kunst. – Nichts ist. Kunst. ist alles. Wenn alles Kunst ist wie soll man keine Kunst machen. Art – just another bright idea. Art – drawing threads of a long and intricate matter – Drawing light – Art is the light at the end of the tunnel … Each part is made from El-Wire, a flexible 12V plastic wire in various colours, which is attached to the wall with tiny, almost invisible nails. Each part of the piece is formed out of a 10m long piece of wire, all the single pieces forming a wall filling text.

Installation view at Larry, Berlin: Raymond, sampled quotes by Raymond Pettibone, 60m EL-Wire, 4×4 m

Details of Raymond:

I don’t want I want
Art is a written word
Alles ist nichts ist
If life is art – and – Wenn alles Kunst ist
Wenn alles Kunst ist
If life is art