Mein Kürbis hat Stängelfäule

Hamburg, July – December 2008

For a period of six months I had the possibility of the Gardenstudio-Scholarship of “Gartenkunstnetz e.V.” in Hamburg.

During that time I worked on mapping my surroundings. Starting from my studio, which is a container on top of a pile of other containers, I took slides of every single part and corner of the place. Additionally, I videotaped the whole garden and its surroundings constantly with an observation-camera for six months in total. Also, I took hundreds of still and moving images with two super8 cameras from every possible angle of the garden. I used the only sun-spot on the rooftop of the container to grow vegetables, which where finally cooked and eaten in a harvest festival in the garden in October 2008. Parts of the all the plants that where grown during that time where put in containers and folders, labled and stored, others where spraypainted in gold.

At the end of the work-process, I recreated the atmosphere of the garden and the solitaryness that I felt during the scholarship by building solarsound-modules that react on light and start singin like birds. They are started and controled by the projection of three slideprojectors, showing a selection of the mapping-images. The videos, that where the result of the six months process where a part of the installation as well as some of the containers and folders with the conserved plants.

Installation views: two monitors with videoloops, 240 slides, rotating solarsound-modules, plants, leaves and branches, one laptop with the view of the observation camera on the rooftop, containers with conserved plants, leftovers from the different films:

Four still images from different films taken in the garden during the six months period of the Scholarship: