o.T. (Passagierbegrüungsanlage)

Interactive Audio-Installation, Museum Altona, Hamburg, 2006 – 2009

Two-part installation, modified CD-players, motion-trackers.

The visitor of the show “Alles im Fluss – ein Panorama der Elbe” is surprised with a welcoming piece at the entrance of the show and and a good-bye piece at the exit, consisting of 183 National Anthems and a short spoken text.

The installation is based on the “Wilkomm-Höft” in Hamburg, a historical place at the “entrance point” of the river Elbe to the harbor in Hamburg, that greets every single ship that enters or leaves the harbor in Hamburg. The greetings of the ships always consists of a small spoken text in German and the language of the country of origin of the ship, followed by the National Anthem.

For the installation, I transferred 183 National Anthems into midi-files, followed by a greeting text that is similar to the ship-text, only that some words are changed to fit to the museum. The installations at the entrance and exit of the museum are started with motion trackers and play the sound pieces randomly.

Drawing for the assembly of the installation in the museum.