iNature – Water and Leaves

Sweden, Berlin, 2018, video loops, HD

The distinction between “natural” and “artificial”, between what is based on human interference and what would be there even without humans at all is the central point for our human orientation in the world. Every time we approach one of those flower shops specialized on the sales of artificial flowers, we feel the importance of this distinction. Does a so-called artistic nature exist? Or is there an artificial nature? And why is there a human need for artificial reality?

These and other questions are posed with the series “iNature – Water”. By mixing “real” video captures of water surfaces, moving leaves and trees with animations in order to create artificial nature experiences and thus a strange and peculiar space, which is questioning the absurdity of artificial nature through projections on the ceiling, the floor and corners of the exhibition space.

Exhibition view Silent Empire, Funkhaus Berlin, 2017: