parts and pixels part two – Utopia and Metropolis

Tokyo, Japan, 2011,

four part video installation

The Multichannel Video work parts and pixels part two – Utopia and Metropolis is the continuation of the previous works Utopia and parts and pixels. The strangeness of the Japanese Tatami-room, in which I was staying during a two months residency at youkobo Art Space in Tokyo formed itself to peculiar images during the late hours of the night. These images are blended over with a hand drawn, virtual city space, a representation of the cold, urban skyscraper landscapes of Asian Mega-cities.

In this utopian space, mixed with images from the former project Utopia, a weirdly drawn, ghostly person is dancing through the artificial world, taken from the former works of parts and pixels. The work is made of four parts, which can be shown in various constellations of three or four projections. The works are accompanied by several stereo-sound tracks, which sink the space into a cacophony of piano tunes and birds songs.