»Wie man dem runden Gemüse den Eintopf erklärt«
(How to explain the stew to the round vegetables)

Filomeno Fusco & Marte Kiessling, feat. Anselm Kiessling

Filmstill: »How to explain the stew to the round vegetables«

Videoinstallation: Mocumentary 12:24 min, Floorprojection (Loop) 7:16 min, Single-Channel screen 38:07 min
Risoprint: limited edition of 50 posters, thermoprint on sticker-foil, Live-cooking-performance

Anselm Kiessling, the boy from Krefeld, cooks the Drakeplatz-stew by Joseph Beuys and explains the swimming elk. He talks about personal encounters with elks in the wild and the “K-Bahn” in Krefeld, which brought Beuys to Düsseldorf.
The resulting videoinstallation “How to explain the stew to the round vegetables” was presented at WirWir for the first time as part of an interactive cooking-project, where the Drakeplatz-stew by Joseph Beuys was cooked one more time for the visitors, with donated vegetables from the neighbourhood and merchants from the market at Maybachufer.

For the presentation, the stew made of vegetables from Neukölln ould be purchased for a donation, accompanied by a proper glass of “Krummer Jupp”. The multiples could be bought as well.

All revenues of the day where 100% donated to Bahnhofsmission am Ostbahnhof to help the homeless.

Installationview WIRWIR
Filmstill screen
Thermoprint on sticker-foil