Global Alien, 2009-2017

The artist group Global Alien is spread over the globe with a junction point of members in Berlin. Their projects are concerned with the fragmentary nature and e ects of globalization, power relations and cultural identities.

Working with aesthetical visibilities of social and urban realities, Global Aliens’ approach is to invent ways of communication, where the audience is invited to participate in play and game-like performances. The aim of each action is to create a fluid space of performativity, which leads to a permanent exchange with local conditions to overcome borders and meet each other where we are.

Download project PDF here.

Cameracartell, 2008-2013

Cameracartell is an international Artist-group, based in Germany, which commits itself to artistic exchange and a work dialogue in the fields of video art, video installation and experimental film.

Cameracartell is defining itself as an organic platform with a rhizomatic structure: approachable from different perspectives, not defining a pre-determined form and in combinations consistently variable. A heterotopy, which is operating between spaces and which is combining and merging contemporary positions between art and film. In regular intervals  Cameracartell is opposing cinematic-artistic positions, accompanied by a range of discourses that are fathoming applied themes together with theoreticians and authors. Presentations are happening in different contexts, in galleries, cinemas or museums, in public spaces or in between.

developed by Marte Kiessling (Berlin), Stephanie Sarah Lauke (Cologne)  and Vanessa Nica Mueller (Hamburg)

Curational Collaborations

Member of Saloon Berlin